Down Syndrome Awareness Month- October

Oakley Peterson, from the popular blog "Nothing Down About It," is a dedicated mother to the cutest little family of three, with her middle son, Welles, being born with a little something extra special. 

Oakley has advocated for children and adults like Welles, that have Down Syndrome, since her second child came into her life. She truly believes and educates others that there is nothing down about Down Syndrome.

Nothing Down About It Collage.png

"Our family is incredibly humbled by how successful the Nothing Down About It collection of products have been. I am so grateful that families, like mine, aren't just excepting individuals with Down Syndrome but celebrating them. In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month (October), let's take this opportunity to spread the word of the beauty in DS and others who are differently abled. Join, me, Welles and Cents of Style in celebrating those who bless us with their "Up syndrome!"