No More BedHead: A Tutorial

I remember sleeping in curlers as a child the way I remember the smell of My Little Ponies and the theme song to Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers. Its natural. Its forever a part of me. Those pesky pink foam rollers of doom that my mother would fasten to my head every. single. night. while we watched episodes of Growing Pains and ate thinly sliced cheese. You can probably relate. Except maybe for the cheese part, because I agree that was totally weird. (Although, delicious.)
The pink foam rollers of yesteryear were different from the ones you can find today. They were softer and spongier. And the plastic was somehow...bendier. I don't know - somehow the ones available nowadays just aren't very good. And so, I was forced to comb through a million Pinterest tutorials on home made curlers. There are many, and most of them were far too labor intensive for my taste. (Sewing on a button?? No thanks.)
After much trial and error I came up with a modified pattern for making excellent homemade curlers that yield perfect sized curls. I also found a way to make better curls than your typical ringlet - so read to the end for that tutorial as well. Try these out. You wont be disappointed! I have found that rolling my daughters hair in 8 curlers is just right. You may need a few more if you are dealing with Rapunzel hair.
Print the homemade curler pattern here (right click after it opens, save to desktop, then print)
First select some adorable fabric that you have laying around. Each curler needs a fabric piece that is at least 6"x13"
Cut out your 8 curlers.
Mark your "no sew area". If your fabric is see through enough you should be able to lay it on top of your pattern and see the line.
Sew the curler edges right sides together (inside out) making sure to keep the middle section open
Turn right side out and Sew lines at your no sew marks to create a pocket for your stuffing. (you wont be able to see your dots anymore, but just sew down at the edges of where your opening is.
Stuff your curler as full as you can, making sure you can turn fabric in and sew shut.
Turn fabric in and sew shut.
Voila! Curler complete! Trim loose threads and repeat 7 more times!
Fail Proof rolling method:
Part your hair however you want it to lay in the morning.
Take a section of hair and twist a few times
Starting at the very bottom, roll the hair up the curler trying to not overlap the hair as much as possible.
Tie your curler and youre done!
In the morning remove your curlers and admire your easy adorable do