New Year New You Beauty Gems

Once the holiday bustle has died down and the new year begins I always find myself experiencing a bit of "holiday hangover" as I like to call it.  When this happens there are a few items I reach for to pick me up.  All of these items make me feel like a whole new woman and they are perfect for the cold months ahead.  
NEW_YEAR_NEW_GEMS.jpg1. Penelope Bar and Tassel Necklace: I am obsessed with this necklace.  It makes a statement while staying subtle and dainty.  It can transform an ordinary t-shirt or plain dress into something special and it is totally one of a kind. I'm excited to wear this piece all month long.

2.  ColorPop Cream Eyeshadow in LaLa:  This eyeshadow is the perfect "rose gold" shade.  It glides on smoothly and can be applied with just your finger.  It brings out any eye color and looks pretty when used all on it's own.

3. NYX Mirco Brow Eye Pencil:  Whenever I need a pick me up I get my eyebrows reshaped and use an eyebrow product to define them better.  Defined but natural looking eyebrows can make all the difference on your face.  They help to showcase all of your naturally pretty features.  This pencil is an exact duplicate of a higher end product.  The retractable pencil is super thin which is perfect for drawing on subtle eyebrow hairs.  The spoolie on the other end is helpful for brushing once you are finished for a natural look. 

4. Nuug Hydrating Face Mask:  I pick one of these up whenever my skin needs some rejuvenation.  This brand has many kinds to choose from for lots of skin needs but the hydrating one if my all time favorite.   I like to give my face a good exfoliation and then I apply one of these babies and it plumps my skin right up.  One pod usually lasts me 2 applications.  

5. Batiste Dry Shampoo:  This is my all time favorite dry shampoo for the lower price range of dry shampoos.  It is perfect product for those days when your hair needs some rejuvenation use it at least twice a week and find that it does the best at actually making my hair look and feel clean.  The brand makes lots of different versions and smells.  My favorite smelling one is the "wild, sassy, and daring" scent but because I have darker hair, I always reach for the "hint of color: dark and deep brown" version.  

6. Shea Moisture African Black Soap:  This stuff smells amazing and is gentle on sensitive skin.  I have shower product ADD but I have repurchased this product again and again because of how lovely it is.  Whenever I am feeling cold, tired, lazy, etc. a quick hop in a hot shower or bath helps me to feel a world of difference.