My Love Affair With Books

There's something about the smell of the worn pages of an old book. It's magical! I've had a love affair with the written word from a very young age and I believe that if you can't think of what to do, you should pick up a book. Wear these new graphic t-shirts from Cents of Style to remind yourself of the importance and power of books!


I have always loved words. They have such power. They have the power to transform, to free, to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you love, to take you to places you would never see. I got that love from my mother.

My mom got her degree in English and read to me from the minute I was born. I remember building blanket forts in the living room and sitting within the magical walls and learning nursery rhymes, going to Neverland, and dropping into a rabbit hole. She accented these stories with funny voices and perfect sound effects. I was reading profiently before kindergarten, without ever having attended preschool. My mom was the ultimate teacher. 

As I moved through elementary school, I devoured books. In each grade we had different goals for numbers of pages read. I usually tripled, sometimes quadrupled, the required pages and flat out couldn't understand how my classmates weren't doing the same. I sped through The Boxcar Children, The Babysitter's Club, and The Chronicles of Narnia. I kept running out of books to check out from our small town bookmobile. 

I continued my love of reading through middle school and high school. My favorite teachers were my English teachers. I applied for and became the English Sterling Scholar for my high school and the runner-up at regionals. I did everything I could to make sure I could be reading as much as possible. 

Despite my obvious love for the English language, I chose to major in Nursing in college. But then, as I sat in my nursing orientation before the start of my freshmen year, a very profound thought crossed my mind: "You aren't going to major in Nursing. You want to major in English." It was so clear that I walked into my freshmen advisor's office during the first week of school and changed my major and all my classes. Best. Decision. Ever. 

And now with my young kids, I read to them constantly. We go to the library every week to find new places to visit, new stories to discover, new friends to make. I hope I am instilling my love for words and what they can do into my children. 

If we ever win the lottery or something crazy like that, the first thing I will do is build a house with a library that looks something like this: 


Or maybe, more realistically, like this:


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Happy shopping! (And reading!)