Murchison-Hume Giveaway!!!!

Welcome to the world of fashionably clean! I stumbled upon the brand Murchison-Hume when a lonely damaged half empty bottle of counter top spray made its way into my local Tj Maxx store. From the moment I unscrewed the cap and took my very first whiff I was HOOKED! I bought it, came home, googled and researched the brand for a solid 30 minutes... and thus began a full fledged love affair with every single product this company produces. I now proudly display a bottle (or two) of M-H in literally every room of my house. In order of importance I have listed just why I love them so:
1. Smell. The single most essential factor in whether or not I will obsessively use anything - is how good it smells. I wish you could smell through your screen right now and inhale the goodness that is Original Fig. If it were possible to wear this scent on my person as a fragrance I would spritz it with reckless abandon.
2. Its AUX NATURELLE. Products are free from dyes, petrochemical solvents, and palm oil derived ingredients. Lots of big words there...decode them here.
3. The adorable-ness of the packaging. Im a sucker for the silhouette graphic, bamboo caddy, jute bag, and most importantly the amazing AMBER GLASS BOTTLE that houses the kitchen soap. I don't ever put these bottles away. They adorn every ledge of my household.
4. The variety available. Literally every dimension of your cleaning experience is covered. Kitchen, bath, home, beauty, even pet!!!
5. They offer large sized refill bottles and Bulk orders! This is essential - because trust me when I say you will panic when your bottles start to empty.
Can you tell I love this company so? It's family based. It's fashionably international. (They also have a highly addictive blog that is witty and beautiful simultaneously: The Practical Aesthete, which I now obsessively peruse on a regular basis ). This gorgeous brand is a must-have this Christmas season. And for one lucky winner, this sincerely adorable Five Minute Hostess Gift Set is my treat! From my obsessed little heart to yours!
Set includes:
Superlative Liquid Hand Soap
Velvet Glove Hand Cream
To enter to win simply follow the directions below. Giveaway ends Monday Dec 8th at 9 am.

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