Mom-O-Grams: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Looking for Mother's Day gift ideas? Here are our favorite picks + a great deal.


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Moms.  We all have them.  I love my many moms.  There is of course my 'first mom'.  The woman who birthed me.  The one I owe my life.  The lady who changed my diapers, taught me how to do hard things, stuck it out through my teenage years (hallelujah on that one), and whom I now consider my best girlfriend (in a "still is my mother" kind of way).  

Then there are the other moms in my life.  My 'college mom' (my aunt Lisa).  The lady who taught me to never be afraid of buying a white couch because bleach does wonders on white.  The lady who taught me from example how to throw a party full of fun and food.  The one who taught me how to sew the perfect little sundress.  Then of course, there is my 'first big girl job mom' (my mentor, Norma).  The lady who patiently took me under her wing and got me through my first year of teaching.  Who listened to my fears and frustrations and gave me confidence to thrive through that beginning of my career.  And of course I need to make a shout out to my mother-in-law.  She is awesome and I consider myself lucky to have her in my life (and no my husband did not pay me to say this).  


I look forward to celebrating the many moms in my life every May.  What I don't look forward to is finding the perfect gift because I take gift giving as a very serious matter.  For some reason, gifts for mothers have a higher level of expectation.  It is a must for Mother's Day gifts to be lovely (like them!), personal, and useful. 


Monogrammed jewelry is THE perfect mother's day gift.  The monogram adds a touch of personalization.  Moms feel lovely when wearing dainty pretty little things.  And, because they are so versatile, they will get a lot use!  As my 'college mom' would say, "They're practically perfect in every way!"  Choose her initials, her kid's initials, her grandkid's initials.  There are so many options to personalize this one!


And who doesn't love something you can wear multiple ways? Interchangable earrings allow you to switch out the jewel depending on your mood.


Make your Mother's Day a success by gifting these adorable items for all of the lucky "moms" in your life! And to help make this easy for you, we're including FREE gift wrapping and a FREE card with your Fashion Friday purchase. 


Bar Necklace  |  Letter Ring  |  Monogram Bangle | Lowercase Initial  |  Crystal Initial  |  Crystal Rectangle