Meet Gabrielle!

Hey everyone,
So basically I missed posting today in lieu of a full day of motherhood and then a 6 hour solo drive to SLC!!! I am SO EXCITED to be attending SNAP conference with a bunch of fun bloggers and DIYers in Utah this weekend. (And believe me when I tell you that I am MORE than ready for a little timeout from my daily grind. ***). In my absence I have asked two of my favorite people to fill in for me this week! These are girls I LOVE. Who each have a unique and fun personal sense of style! They have been so kind to impart of their fashion wisdom with us! I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I have in my life...
Without further ado, let me introduce todays Guest blogger: Gabrielle Jensen! Gabby and I go WAY back. Like all the way to 2008. I have always been impressed with her fearless style and devil may care attitude about her always transitioning makeup trends as well as the intensity with which she can work a back comb! More importantly however - is the heart underneath that hairspray. This girl is SO. MUCH. FUN. She makes me smile just to think of her. She is tenacious. She is strong. I love her to pieces!!!!
She is the epitome of Old meets New - and I think you'll agree her eclectic fashion finds will set your heart a flutter. Prepare to be inspired! I guarantee that after you read this you will be heading to your nearest thrift store!!!!
Hello there! My name is Gabrielle im 22 and I recently moved from Chicago to Salt Lake City. I loved Chicago, I loved that I could dress to the nines every day and I fit right in. I could also dress grungy and out there and fit in just as well. Hopefully I can bring some of that to Salt Lake City!
I mean, sure I’m kind of cute now but my style has not always been as put together as it is, everyone starts somewhere, right?! My wardrobe once entirely consisted of band tee shirts, plain tee shirts, and anything with a skull on it. Meaning, the average Gabrielle-goes-to-high-school senior picture looked like this:
My goal was to look unapproachable and tough. And boy was good at it. As the end of high school approached I became friends with people who were a little more... indie. I found myself in random thrift stores spread across Boise paying 2 dollars for a beige cardigan. I mean, I had grown up going to the D.I. hearing the words “well at least no one else will have it, right?” as my mom held up a worn flowered shirt. I would roll my eyes, she was right about that. Now at 18 I believed her and I loved it!
Once I was out of high school I went a little crazy with colored hair, I mean every color of hair and style you can think of! I loved it! I loved doing makeup and wearing crazy clothes, it was like grown up dress up. I loved educating myself in every style I could think of. I worked up the skill of recreating 50s hairdos, which is NOT easy believe me. I would spend my time in thrift stores hunting for the perfect 50s dresses to match my hair. Then I would move onto something else.
Fast forward 3 years and I have gotten deep into Thrift store shopping and finding good deals. It doesn’t just stop with clothing, I love makeup, accessories, and furniture! There are always things to be found if you give into it the time and the energy it needs. It makes me so happy for people to gasp “WHERE did you get those shoes!” then I get to blow them away by telling them “A thrift store for fifty cents!” Finding vintage things and then pairing them with other modern pieces is by far my favorite thing to do. I would eventually love to run my own Fashion and makeup how-to blog once I get up enough courage. My goal is to empower women and girls to feel powerful and to start redefining what beauty is and means to them.
P.S. I am always walking around SLC if ever anyone wants to go thrifting with me ;-)
*****I have never been the type of person to alter the way that I am or how I dress because of what other people think. I’m not afraid to wear that bright floral dress or orange lipstick. “Only you could pull that off” people would say. That’s just it though, anyone can pull it off. Having confidence is the key, letting go of whether the masses will like it or not. Well, do you like it? Then wear it! People will love you for it and it takes away so many restrictions you place on yourself. Don’t be afraid to be seen. Dress for yourself, wear that crazy eyeshadow because YOU think YOU look good, not because someone else might. In addition to that, Im working to remove the mindset that girly equals weak. Just because a girl wears makeup and dresses doesn’t make her any less strong, smart, or empowered. You are worth just as much wearing those baggy shirts as you are wearing a polka dot blouse. Neither type of person is better, more or less than the other. What I wear and do, I do for myself.******
ARE YOU AS IN LOVE WITH GABRIELLE AS I AM???? I knew you would be :) Follow her on instagram @cannibalqueen!
Stay tuned for Fridays guest blogger!!! Shes a woman on a mission and i think you"ll like her!