Love You Mostest Infinity

We're so thrilled to announce the winner of our first Design the Good Contest! 
Designed by Brooke Ulrich of All Things Thrifty, the Love You Mostest Infinity t-shirt was created for Brooke's GOOD FRIEND -- Jamie Terry -- WHO LOST HER SWEET five YEAR OLD DAUGHTER KYCIE DUE TO COMPLICATIONS OF UNDIAGNOSED TYPE 1 DIABETES.


Jamie Terry is the mom of six kids -- five active boys and one daughter, Kycie. Kycie was the "perfect mix." She loved being prissy but loved bugs and lizards too. In January 2015, Five year old Kycie Terry started complaining of a headache and just days later was flown to Primary Children's medical center with a blood glucose level of 1148. She had un-diagnosed type 1 diabetes.


Before Kycie passed away at age 5 from a brain injury/DKA, she would say, "Love you mostest infinity" as her token of affection. She fought hard and stole the hearts of thousands while spreading awareness of the dangers and symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Kycie has helped dozens of kids be diagnosed.

IMG_4854.jpgPhoto from Kisses for Kycie

Jamie started The Kisses for Kycie Foundation in Kycie's honor. Tragic things happen, but Jamie is a great example of helping others through hard times. For each purchase of the Love You Mostest Infinity t-shirt, a donation will be made to the Kisses for Kycie Foundation to help spread awareness of Type 1 Diabetes.

For more information on Kycie and her family's story, see their Instagram Account and site

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