Life Is Sweet

I love the holidays. The celebrations, the food, the gift giving, the food, the lights, the music, the food. It's all pretty magical. And delicious. Which is why we've got a special treat for you today! 

Our inspirational Life Is graphic t-shirt collection is on sale this week for 50% off with code LIFEIS16. To celebrate that and the holiday season, we've asked our dear friend Leigh Anne of Your Homebased Mom, to share some of her favorite holiday recipes with you!
Chocolate Swig Sugar Cookie.jpg
From Leigh Anne: 

Life is Sweet, in so many ways.  I am Leigh Anne, Your Homebased Mom and I am a firm believer in finding the pretty and delicious in life.  There is so much goodness to be found in life and it is up to us to find it, celebrate it, savor it and enjoy it. 

I believe that much of that sweetness in life can be found literally and figuratively at the family dinner table and I am a strong supporter of maintaining the family dinner table.

The dinner table will look different for all of us. It may be surrounded by babies and toddlers, teenagers who would rather be on their mobile devices, just two empty nesters or you and few friends.

I am the mother of four young adults and we are empty nesters but I still feel strongly about the importance of the family dinner table and helping others to maintain that tradition. My dinner table looks different than it use to but it is still a place I can come together with family and friends and share a good meal and good conversation.  Where life can truly be sweet!

It doesn't matter who is sitting around the table, what matters is that you are there, sharing the table, a good meal, good conversation with someone and hopefully something sweet to eat.

Here are some of our family's favorite sweet holiday treats!

White Chocolate Cinnamon Pretzels - we make these every Christmas and they disappear!


Mom's Hot Fudge Sauce  - my mom makes the BEST hot fudge sauce!!


Grandma's Soft Caramels - my grandmother always made the best caramels.


Caramel Corn - seriously, the best ever and it's made in the microwave!



Leigh Anne can be found at Your Homebased Mom,  on Instagram and Facebook and you can join her Family Dinner Table Facebook Group for lots of ideas and helps with getting dinner on the table.