Life Actually by Rachel Hollis for Cents of Style

A Chic holiday collection from Rachel Hollis, the incredibly fun, driven, and down to earth woman behind The Chic Site

"If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around." -- Love Actually

The Life Actually collection by The Chic Site contains pieces that were designed and selected to be perfect for everyday, real life. It’s a little play on the title of Rachel Hollis’ favorite holiday movie but also it perfectly describes what she set out to create with her collaboration with Cents of Style. Pieces for real life! Look, we love glam as much as the next girl and gorgeous dresses and high heels are fabulous for special occasions. But for real life? For school drop offs and work and soccer games and Sunday dinner… you, like us, need some real life clothes that an actual woman would want to wear. There are seriously so many great pieces and Rachel feels there is little something for everyone.

The Life Actually collection contains more than 30 hand-selected items from soft, luxurious scarves that are affordable but feel very expensive to gorgeous custom jewelry. The graphic T-shirts have deeper meanings that will lift you up emotionally and spiritually. Choose from the perfect chambray blouse, mixing it up or down with a taffeta ball skirt or pairing it with your own jeans and a blanket scarf so cozy you can take a nap with it. Life Actually’s items were selected so you can live in them, and live a great life at that!

With t-shirts and jewelry, accessories and boots, Rachel's collection is full of Colorful and fun pieces that real women can wear every day. It's practical yet chic, pulled together yet playful -- A lot like Rachel. It also includes personally designed pieces by Rachel that carry a story, like this Show Up Graphic T-Shirt, inviting you to get to know the creator of The Chic Site a little better as she invites you to share your story as well.


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