Ode To Leggings

Ah leggings.  I could write a love song about leggings.  I love how comfortable they are.  I love how they suck everything in. I love how versatile they are.  And...when you have a pair of leggings that you could write a love song about you lots of ways to wear them! 

Here are a few outfits for you to try with your favorite pair of leggings + a Fashion Friday deal you don't want to miss!

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Legging Outfits Fall Tunic 1.jpg

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A tunic is by far my favorite thing to wear with leggings.  Because of it's longer length, a tunic will have you covered in all of the right places (like your rear end!).  Layering on longer layered pieces like long jackets and cardigans is how you take your classic tunic and leggings to a whole new level.  This black monochrome look is the perfect example of how longer layers can turn a plain ol' pair of leggings into something quite special.  

Legging Outfits Fall Tunic 2.jpg

High Waist Fleece Lined Leggings  |  Serenity Hi-Lo Top



Legging Outfits Fall Leggings 3.jpg

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Leggings come in many different colors but now they come in more patterns than ever before! And you don't have to be scared to wear them.  No, they will not make your legs look bigger and when styled right, they can look just as classic as a simple solid pair of leggings.  When layering on pieces with patterned leggings, let the leggings do the talking.  Choose simple solid neutrals to layer on top.  These are two great examples because the leggings have both been paired with a longer neutral top.  The floral leggings have been paired with a chambray tunic shirt (yes! denim is totally a neutral!) and the paisley patterned leggings have been paired with a chunky tunic sweater.  Each look totally works and lets the adorable patterns shine. 

Legging Outfits Fall Leggings 4.jpg

Skye Medallion Print Leggings  |  Marshall Relaxed Sweater





Legging Outfits Fall Athletic 5.jpg

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The athleisure style is more popular than ever.   We have such busy lives and sometimes we have to find ways to go to and from without having to completely change our outfits.  Again, those longer layers on top will still be your friend!  Layer on longer sweatshirts or tie shirts around your waist to keep the tush covered.  Add on autumnal layers like chunky scarves.  To pull off this look, a sleek pair of trainers is an absolute must! 

Legging Outfits Fall Athletic 6.jpg

High Waist Fleece Lined Leggings  |  Sawyer Bomber Jacket