Infinity Scarves For Your Mini-Me

So many little girls want to look just like their mommies. They watch her get ready every day and want to put makeup on just like her. They watch her get dressed and want to dress just like her. 

So why not get her some accessories so she can dress like you? Nothing is cuter than a little girl dressing like a grown up!

All of our adorable kids infinity scarves are easy to wear and will make your little one look just like you!


The Kai Scarf has a hand-knit look and a fun heathered texture. Slip this beautiful scarf around her neck and it will be the perfect pop of color in any outfit this winter. 

112916-Web-Cents-Of-Style-Skyler-Kids-Infinity-Scarf-24.jpgThe Skyler Scarf is similar to the Kai, but with a closer knit and more fringey goodness.  Skyler will keep your mini-me extra warm all season long!


The Reed Scarf is gorgeous and so grown up, with its bold colors and cable knit. 

So snag one of these or any other of our kids scarves for your little one, let her wear a little blush on her cheeks, and you two can twin all day!

Happy shopping!