Pattern Play

I love basics as much as the next girl, but when patterns come into play that's when fashion gets really exciting.  Here are some suggestions on how to mix your patterns like a pro!

1. Let one pattern be the star. When you are playing with different patterns, scale is important. So, if you have a large floral print, pair it with a small polka dots pattern. Or, match a wide stripe with a smaller floral pattern. 


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2. Keep Colors Consistent. If you have several patterns, carry one color throughout the entire look. That is one easy trick to tying your look together in a playful way. 


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3. Invert the White Balance. When playing with black and white patterns, the trick is to work with the balance between black and white.  If one item is mostly black, pair it with another pattern that is mostly white. 



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4. Treat Stripes as Neutrals. You can wear stripes at the same time! The trick: playing with the color and contrast. By sticking to one color family, or by flipping the balance between light and dark, stripes start to feel more like a neutral. That means, if you are feeling adventurous, you can throw in another pattern! 


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