How To Layer Delicate Jewelry

While a good statement necklace will always be in style and something I love, the delicate jewelry trend is one I can't get enough of lately. Barely there jewelry that makes a bold statement has become my go-to. Why? It can elegantly dress up any look, while also giving an effortless cool-girl vibe. It's understated and classic, making it easy enough to wear every day or for a night out.


So how do you successfully incorporate the delicate jewelry trend into your look? Here are five tips for layering jewelry and mastering this trend. Plus, an awesome Style Steals deal on one of my favorite jewelry pieces to layer, our Tribe Necklaces.

Steal the Style Deal

1. Keep it simple. Think small. Think understated. Think classic. This is not the time for "go big or go home". 


2. Mix your metals. Just like with stacking bracelets, the days of matching all your metals are long past. Don't shy away from mixing silver, gold, rose gold, black rhodium. Because you're keeping the jewelry pieces simple and small, the contrast (and therefore interest) is found in their differences. The contrasting metals create depth and visual appeal to your layers.


3. Select items that speak to you. Think small pieces that tell a big story. I don't know about you, but my favorite pieces of jewelry, the ones I reach for nearly every morning, are the ones that tell a piece of my story. They speak to who I am. Whether a positive message, a personal mantra, or a sentimental reminder, these pieces create a statement by telling the world something about you. And isn't that what style and fashion is all about, anyway?


4. Vary the lengths. The layered necklace look works by balancing smaller, more delicate pieces on shorter chains with larger pendants on longer chain lengths. If you're feeling stuck, a good place to start is with a shorter necklace (for example a 14" chain), followed by adding a mid-length necklace (in the 20" - 22" chain range). Adding a third, longer necklace (in the 30" - 36" chain range) will help finish off the look.


5. Incorporate pendants of various shapes and sizes. When layering delicate jewelry, just like with the metals, mixing up the pendant shapes and sizes is what's going to create interest in your layers. Include geometric shapes, monograms, crystal embellishments, or even script words. The only tip? Look to keep your larger pendants on your longer necklace chains and the smaller, more delicate ones on the shorter necklace chains to help give balance to the look. 

The options and possibilities are endless with layering necklaces, so have some fun and experiement with what works for you.