Hot Mess Just Doing My Best.

How many of us feel like a hot mess on the regular? It's so easy to look around and think that everyone has it together and that we are the only ones that are a mess, but we're fairly certain that EVERYONE feels that they are the biggest mess in pretty much every room.  So.... why not OWN IT?!


And... right now it's easy to own it.... you and you your hot, messy self can get this "Hot Mess Just Doing My Best" graphic t-shirt for $15.95 (usually $29.95). Just use coupon code BOLD12 at checkout. 


Since this shirt applies to 99% of us (there may be 1% of the population that really does have it together), we wanted to give you the backstory of this design. This graphic tee, designed by Becky from Be So Crafty for our 2016 Design the Good Contest, has a story behind it that needs to be shared. 


Here is Becky's story that inspired her t-shirt design:

"Listen closely to this story. Because while the story is about me, it’s also about you, or perhaps someone you love dearly.

This story MUST be told. Over and over again until someone... anyonwill listen. 

Hi, I'm Becky. I am an artist, sewist, quilter, pattern maker, photographer, and designer. I love Diet Coke and creating things, and I know what severe depression feels like. 

Just married with a newly born baby boy, I was suffocating in despair. I was silently fighting (and losing) a battle with my mind and the lies it was telling me. One day I reached a very dark place and I plotted out what would happen next. 

Then, he cried. 

PIcking him up out of the crib, we sat in his room rocking as I sobbed silently, thanking him for saving my life. 

Then I discovered a message of hope that changed how I see the world. It all started when a wonderful (but a little whacky) Counselor put things into perspective when he said, "You need to throw spaghetti at on the wall and invite the neighbors over." This idea opened my mind. I realized I'm a hot mess, just doing my best and so is everyone else!

It may sound simple, but now I manage my depression and anxiety by embracing the idea behind this little saying I came up with. Whenever my mind starts telling me lies again, I remind myself that I'm "a hot mess just doing my best"... and so is everybody else. It's an antehm to every woman who's struggled with the depths of depression, letting them know that it's OK to have Mental Health issues and to talk about the things that make us uncomfortable. 

But here's the thing: I can't help but think that not every young mother or young woman knows this. I think that somehwere RIGHT NOW, "she" is sitting there in the darkness where I was. 

And here's what keeps me up at night: What if "she" doesn't hear the cry? What if "she" doesn't know that it's all lies her brain is telling her!

It was after I learned about the story of Emily Cook Dyches and The Emily Effect (a foundation started by her husband Eric to raise awareness about perinatal mood disorders) that I knew I couldn't stay quiet any longer. 

When I found out about the Cents of Style 2016 Design the Good Contest, I submitted my Hot Mess design and was thrilled to become a finalist. My dream is to help as many women as I can learn that it is just fine to be a hot mess... in fact, raise that banner high! It has become the words I live by, and I hope you'll catch the spirit of the message."