Home For The Holidays: State Necklaces

There is nothing that can compete with holidays when it comes to things that remind me of home.  Most of my memorable holiday traditions happened right in my home (or a family member's home).  When I visualize family celebrations, I can picture exactly what my home looked like, smelled like, and felt like.  So, when the holidays roll back around each year, I can't help but to think of home.  I now live far away from the home I once spent my early holiday seasons in.   Now, the season of giving is quite different for me as I have created new memories and traditions with my own family.  

Home Holidays.jpg

This year, I will be far away from the home I grew up in and even far away from the home I live in now but I still know that memories of home will find me while I am away.  It could be something someone says, or seeing a sports team from my home state, or smelling food that reminds me of a favorite restaurant.  I love anything that reminds me of home.  Things like these state necklaces for example.


State Necklace Collection

I can't wait to wear mine as I travel to new and far away places this holiday season.  I love the conversations that happen with strangers as they notice my necklace and ask me about it.  I also can't wait to gift my friends and family something as meaningful as a state necklace.  There is nothing sweeter than giving someone something that is totally personalized and thoughtful (not to mention absolutely adorable!).  The possibilities are endless with this one! Give the gift of memories of home, or a favorite vacation spot, or a place that has significance to the one you are giving to.  Stick them in a pretty package to be mailed off, nestled under the tree, or even tucked into a stocking.  They will bring a smile to anyone who is lucky enough to get one.


I hope you have the best holiday season with the ones you love whether you are close to home or far far away!