Holiday Gifting

 If you are like me you are still getting around to putting away your summer clothes let alone preparing for the many gift giving Days ahead.  If that reminder just sent you into hyperventalation do not fear because we have got you covered.  And when I say covered I mean we have provided you with gift ideas for a few of those special people on your list.  

For The teacher:  


mugs |  Snowflake Marshmallows | Hot Cocoa

I happen to be a teacher by day and I must say that I can never get enough cute mugs and water bottles.  Choosing a monogramed mug makes the gift a little more personal.  Add delicious hot cocoa and some fixins like marshmallows, peppermint, or cinnamon sticks.  This gift is something that can be thrown together last minute but is still thoughtful. 


For The neighbor:


Mason Jar  |  Recipe card Printable |  Mini Holiday Spatulas

I don't know about you but I get a lot of treats around christmas time.  If your family is like mine, we can't eat our treats fast enough before they all go bad.  I love the idea of giving a recipie in a mason jar because it is a gift that keeps on giving at a later time when treats are not in abundance.  Add the measured dry ingredients from your favorite baking recipe with instructions on how to make your signature treat.   or, Click here to find lots of ideas for how to put your own recipe gift jar together.  Download these cute recipe cards to handwrite your own instructions.  For a festive touch, add your own holiday baking accessories.  


For The College Student:


skillet  |  towel  |  Mini Spatulas

College students are all about simplicity.  Gift this personal sized fry pan perfect for cooking just for one.  Include a few "mini skillet" recipes for your college student to try themselves.  I myself was gifted these adorable mini spatulas and they have quickly become one of my most handy kitchen utensils.  They are the perfect addition to this gift of minis!


For the BFF:


Tribal Bracelet |  Bless GraphiC Sweatshirt |  Florence Striped Scarf

Friends are the best at letting us knkow how awesome we are.  Let your BFF know how much you adore here with these picks.   These tribal bracelets are so fun and have an uplifting message to share with your BFF.  This sweatshirt is perfect for the colder upcoming months and who doesn't want to look cute while still wearing comfrotable sweats?  Finally, we all can find room in our closets for a great scarf and they make easy gifts because you don't have to worry about getting the sizing right. 


For The Techie:


portable Charger | Tile Finder | Google Cardboard

Here are some great gifts for that person who loves their electronics.  While lots of techie gifts are expensive, these ones won't break the bank.  A portable charger is something that comes in handy for anyone who loves their gadgets.  This one holds a lot of power (mine can charge my phone 5 times before it runs out of juice!) and it comes in different colors.  The Tile is a genius gift for anyone who loses important things often.  hook this to your keys or your wallet and you will always be able to locate it through a handy app on your Smartphone.  FInally, for those whom you want to give the gift of "virtual Reality" the google cardboard makes a great gift.  The cardboard and your smartphone is all you need to explore the world of virtual reality.  Plus, Google gives you free information and tools to develop your own apps to be used in conjunction with the google cardboard. 


For the Cool Kid:


Spoon Book |  Pigeon Book |  Boom Graphic-T |  Boys are Ew Graphitc-T | KMM Kits

as a teacher, in my own biased opinion, I think one of the best gifts a child can recieve is a great piece of Children's literature.  Choosing a fabulous book and including a personal handwritten message is a sweet gift that keeps on giving each time the book is read.  I recomend the book "Spoon" written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  it has a great message and is full of puns that adults will find amusing.  Kids these days are all about style, so why not give the child in your life a cool graphic-t?  We have the perfect graphic-Ts to match your child's one of a kind personality. Kids love to create things as much as they love to play.  Not only are these kits cool and fun, they promote creativity and expression. 


WHen in doubt remember that,


                                                                            - PIERRE CORNEILLE

May we all have the opportunity to give of our time and love this holiday season.