Go For The Gold

I get so excited when Olympic season rolls around.  I can literally feel the energy in the air (even though I usually live so far away from where the events are actually taking place).  When I was a child, the winter Olympics came to my home town and I still remember the excitement and crowds.  My family was able to go to a handful of events and I enjoyed every minute of it (even though it was all in the freezing cold).  

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I love everything that the Olympics stand for.  I love the unity that is felt among different nations.  It is a time when the entire world comes together and despite our differences we get to see how many things we really do have in common.  It is a time to feel proud of our own nations and where we come from.  I love cheering my country's athletes on and hoping for them to give their best performances.  I feel like a part of it all as I watch, cheer,  and share in victories and disappointments. 

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More than all of that, I love what the athletes competing in the Olympic Games teach us.  They teach us to follow our own dreams.   They teach us to make sacrifices for things that are worthwhile and important.  They show us how to push ourselves to the very limit and show our true grit.  They show us how important hard work and dedication are in finding personal success.  They teach us how to overcome obstacles.  They show us how to gracefully win or gracefully lose.  They show us how to get back up again even when we might fall, that the struggle is all a part of the journey.  They remind us to always go for the gold! 


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