Gifts With Spirit

I love this time of year.  The time when the holidays are finally upon us and the magic that they bring is all around us.  Everyone seems a little more joyous, a little more grateful, and a whole lot more generous.   There are countless ways to do good, be the good, and see the good.  The Cents of Style Tribe Collection pretty much sums up how I feel about the holidays.  The hope, the magic, the belief, it's all in this inspired collection. 


Peace On Earth |  Hallelujah  |  Believe

The Tribe collection encourages all of us to find our "Tribe" and invite the world to join in on the journey.  Chances are, you belong to many tribes.  It's an incredible experience in this life to be able to connect with others and we can be a part of different circles and tribes based on those connections we form.   The Tribe collection pieces celebrate the drive in all of us to hope, and dream, and connect with others.  


Do Good  |  Be The Good  |  See The Good

I love the message that you send someone when you gift them a Tribe collection piece.  These simple yet polished pieces pack a whole lot of spirit with each inspiring message that is carefully stamped onto each bracelet or necklace.  These encouraging words not only motivate me but they also remind me of the special people I am surrounded by.  When I see the "Actually I Can" necklace, I think of my mom who went back to college and finally finished her degree.  When I see the "Be Brave" bracelet, I think of my sister who went through a serious back surgery and braved the tremendous pain.  When I see the "Be Kind" bracelet, I think of my young neighbor who gives of her time visiting the widower who lives across the street.  I am sure as you read these messages you are even reminded of people in your own tribe, people who inspire you to be good, do good, and see the good around you.  I can't wait to gift these personal messages to the loved ones on my list this year!


Tribe Collection

There is so much magic that comes with the holidays and gifts that inspire bring even more magic to the season! I hope you too, enjoy giving the gift of encouragement, spirit, and inspiration!