Get Inspired With The Best Buttoned Shirt

A great neutral tailored shirt is at the top of any closet staple list.  That's because a classic oxford can transform into so many different styles and be worn so many different ways.  Layer on it's own for the office or casually at home.  Tuck into skirts, trousers, and high wasted jeans.  Drape and tie over dresses or under sweaters.  

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The possibilities are endless with this one.  Trust me. 

Jo Packham, the creator/Editor-in-Chief of WHERE WOMEN CREATE, WHERE WOMEN COOK, and WHERE WOMEN CREATE BUSINESScreated these shirts with Cents of Style. We're so excited to bring them to you with her. 
"When I am dressed up and going someplace important, scary, unknown I need a little something to help me be a little bit braver. A t-shirt with a saying usually isn’t appropriate, especially if it is a business meeting, a convention, or an after hours work event. So why not put inspirational sayings on the cuffs of dress shirts. Most of the styles are very subtle, with the saying marked inside the cuff where only you can see it, if you want, or show it off to everyone you meet if you think they need the inspiration, too!" 


Be Uncommon Button Up Shirt (3/4 Sleeve)

If the classic style wasn't inspiring enough I have got something to show you that is even more inspirational.   These tailored button ups each come with an inspirational message written right on the shirt cuff.  Talk about about a power shirt!  A shirt so perfect, it is sure to bring a smile on your face every time you set your eyes on it.  Not to mention the smile that will comes from wearing such a shirt!


Make Your Mark Button Up Shirt

I have decided in this new year to fill my world with positivity and these shirts do exactly that! They inspire and bring positivity all around me while motivating me to be the best I can be in the work that I do.  


You've Got This Button Up Shirt

No matter what exciting things you have going on remember to  be uncommon, and make your mark!  You got this!  And this amazing shirt has got you!