Game On!

"Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity."

- Kay Redfield Jamison

In a time where everything is rushed and penciled-in, it's a good reminder to take some time out of work to play.


Sometimes in our daily lives, we get caught up in routine and our minds and bodies are sort of on autopilot. Today we would like to inspire you to make time to get together with one another--your kids, your spouse, your friends--and have some good old face-to-face fun.

Here are a few of our favorite games to get you started:

  • Jenga
    • Architectural fun and fine motor development all in one!
  • Clue
    • This classic mystery game honed your childhood cheating skills. Don't leave it hanging with the rope in the conservatory.
  • UNO
    • The fastest way to make frienemies is with a Draw 4. 
  • Mad Libs
    • Practice for the next time you're picked as your friends' DD. This game is hilarious. 
  • Apples to Apples
    • Also a hilarious game. Get your creative thinking cap on for a good time.
  • The Game of Life
    • The only time you can laugh to your friends' faces when life sticks them with eight kids and an impossible mortgage on a trailer home. 
  • Monopoly
    • The game that never ends! Remember to take your money with you to the bathroom, instead of leaving it all to the cheaters' sticky fingers.