Galentines Day Manicure

This girly mani is the perfect thing for the lovely month of February.  It is easy to recreate and by switching out colors, the technique can be used again and again for future occasions.  You can wear it on a night out or get your girls together and recreate it for a spa night in.  

use_me_1.jpgHand drawn hearts designed by


Nail polish:  I used Essie's Fiji but you can experiment with different shades of berries, reds, and pinks. 

Glitter: I found my glitter at a local craft store.  I used a medium pink shade but red, silver, and gold are also great options.  The key word when looking for glitter is ULTRA FINE.  Fine glitter will mean it will stick better and will be easier to cover with a top coat. 

Top coat: I recommend the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat because it is thicker but does not need an LED light so it can be done easily at home.

*If you do have an LED light you can use this same technique just swap out the regular polish for LED gel polish and the top coat for the usual top coat you use when curing your gel polish. 



STEP 1: Apply ONE coat of your desired base color and let dry completely. I chose a light pink but you can choose any color.  If you want a more subtle look choose a color that is close to your glitter.  For a more bold look choose a color that contrasts more with your glitter color.

STEP 2: The glitter is going to stick to the wet nail polish.  So for the second coat I would recommend working on just one finger at a time. Carefully paint the second coat of colored nail polish.

STEP 3: While the nail is still wet, hold the glitter in it's bottle above the nail aiming for the base of the nail by the cuticle.  I like to hold the bottle with my hand and tap on the bottle with my pointer finger to control how much glitter is coming out.  Move the finger from side to side making sure the glitter gets on both sides of your cuticles.  I have found that less is more.  

STEP 4: Once you have a pile of glitter on the base of the nail let the nail polish dry completely.  Whatever you do, DO NOT BLOW ON GLITTER OR SHAKE GLITTER OFF NAIL, just be patient and let the polish dry completely. It may look like a huge mess but the glitter will only stick to where there was polish so don't worry about it sticking to your finger.  Once dry you can shake off the excess but don't worry about all of the glitter coming off around the nail. 

STEP 5: Paint a generous top coat.  You may want to apply 2 top coats depending on the thickness of your polish.  Remember to cap the tips of your nails with the top coat. This will help your manicure to last a lot longer. Let the polish dry completely.  Again do not blow off glitter, pick at glitter, or move your fingers.  

STEP 6: Once dry, wash your hands with cold water in the sink.  The glitter around the nail will wash off but the glitter on the nail will remain.  You will be surprised how clean and neat it all looks.  

Have fun experimenting with different combinations of glitter and the polish you already have on hand.