Five Ways to Wear A Beach Wrap

Whether you're a beach bum, love lounging poolside, or prefer a day of water sports at the lake, most of us will find ourselves outdoors and enjoying the summer weather. That means most of us are also looking for quick and easy swimsuit cover-ups to help take us from sitting at the splash pad to, well, everywhere else. A beach wrap, or sarong, is undoubtedly one of the most versatile pieces and at the top of our summer must-have list. Here are five easy ways to tie and wear your beach wrap and get the most out of it this summer.

With how lightweight and easy to pack they are, we promise not to tell if you snag two for that upcoming tropical vacation.

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1. Tied As A Short Skirt

A skirt is probably the easiest way to wear your beach wrap. Want to still show a little leg? Fold your beach wrap in half and tie it at your hip.

Beach Wrap Tied as a Short Skirt.jpg

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2. Tied As A Long Skirt

Perhaps one of the best parts of a beach wrap's versatility is how it can allow you to accentuate different parts of your body. Want to keep your legs under wraps? Rather than folding the wrap in half first, simply wrap it around your waist and knot it. 

Beach Wrap Tied as a Long Skirt.jpg

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3. Tied Bandeau Dress

Looking for even a little more coverage? Wear your beach wrap as a dress. Instead of tying at your waist, wrap your beach wrap around your body and tie it, creating a fun bandeau dress you can wear out without feeling too exposed.

Beach Wrap Tied as a Dress.jpg

Beach Wrap Tied as a Dress 2.jpg

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4. Make It A Kimono

After a long day out in the sun, sometimes you need just a little more coverage on your shoulders and arms. At one end of your beach wrap, tie it together to create a small opening for your arm to slip through. Then do the same thing on the opposite side of the wrap. Slip your arms through to create a lightweight kimono.

Beach Wrap Tied As A Kimono.png

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5. Wrap It Around You

Beach wraps also serve as a great wrap tossed over your shoulders. Heading out to dinner? Fold it in half and use it as a shawl wrapped around you to keep your arms warm. Watching the sunset on the beach? Wrap it around as a layer for a little extra warmth.

Beach Wrap Wrapped Around Shoulders.jpg

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(Bonus) 6. Sit On It

Lightweight and easy to carry with you, your beach wrap also is a great blanket to sit on. Whether at the beach, a park for a picnic, a backyard BBQ, or while watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July, rather than hauling a whole separate blanket with you, throw your beach wrap down and get to enjoying your day.

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Fun and easy to wear, don't forget we've collected a few of our favorite summer beach wraps for all your summer plans.