The Blanket Scarf 6 Ways

Fall fashion fads come and go but one key player in most fall wardrobes, the blanket scarf, is here to stay.  Probably because the blanket scarf is the perfect thing to add to any outfit.  The blanket scarf is one of those pieces that blurs the lines between accessory and clothing.  It has almost as much impact on an outfit as a jacket or sweater but it can be interchanged as easily as any other accessory.  On top of that, it is ultra comfortable and keeps you nice and cozy on those crisp fall days.  Because a blanket scarf is larger than your regular scarf there are lots of ways to wear one making it ultra versatile.  Here are 6 fun ways to wear the classic blanket scarf. 


To rock the blanket scarf you will of course need a blanket scarf!  Blanket scarves come in lots of patterns from solid, plaid, striped, and floral.  Choose a pattern that speaks to you but make sure it is soft! That is a definite must!  I am really into plaid right now (and it looks like I am not the only one!).


Berlin Blanket Scarf




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This first way of wearing is blanket scarf is probably the easiest!  You simply hang your blanket scarf so that it hangs long, and drape it over your neck creating a long layer.  This option will make the pattern of your scarf get the full attention it deserves and will add length to your outfit.



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This style is almost as easy as the first.  Instead of scrunching the scarf together, drape it flat across the shoulders to create a shawl effect.  This almost creates the look of a jacket or cardigan across the shoulders.




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Drape the scarf around the shoulders (like a shawl).  Add a belt on top around the waist for a flattering silhouette.  I LOVE this way of wearing a blanket scarf because it gives the look of a gorgeous patterned poncho or jacket without the commitment of buying one.




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Fold the scarf in half on the diagonal to create a triangular shape.  Wrap the folded side in front of your neck with the point of the triangle in front and the other two ends tied around the neck in the back.  This style adds a lot of warmth and layers nicely with jackets and cardigans because the bulk is spread out. 



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This style looks fancy but is so easy to pull off.  Hang the scarf longways and fold in half.  Wrap the scarf around your neck while folded in half.  Pull the loose ends through the loop created by the fold.  This creates a knotted effect without having to tie anything together.  I love wearing this style with open jackets and sweaters.  



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Wrap your scarf around your neck as if you are just going to drape it around the long way (like the first way I showed you).  Then, take the two loose ends and knot them together in the front creating a knot around your neck using the scarf. You can make the knot as loose or as tight as you want it.  Don't be afraid to play with pattern and color when mixing your scarf with fun fall tops.