Empowering Women Worldwide

Hi! I'm Angelyn. I'm kind of your regular 17 year old girl. I'm obsessed with boy bands, boys, and hamburgers. Also pizza. Oh! And I can't forget mashed potatoes. (This girl likes food.) I'm also a lot different than your regular teenage girl too; I play women's lacrosse for Viewmont High School -- Go Vikes! --  I also have a HUGE fear of fish. Like even right now thinking about it.... ehhhh. As a kid I wanted to become a doctor so I could go to Africa with Doctors Without Borders to save lives. Turns out I'm not a big fan of blood so that dream isn't too logical anymore. I do spend a lot of my time serving the community, which leads me to the point of this blog post.

This year I joined the service organization Youthlinc. It’s a non-profit organization whose purpose is to create life-long humanitarians, locally and internationally. As a participant of Youthlinc, I get to GO TO KENYA from June 15 - June 30, 2016! (I’m just a wee bit excited obviously!) During our time there, as a group we will be focusing on how to help the women become more self-reliant. One thing specifically that we’ll be doing is teaching the women how to make their own reusable feminine hygiene pads, since they don't have that luxury in Kaiaki, Kenya. We'll also be teaching them how to sew and then how to use the skills we teach them to run local businesses.


Photo Credit: Youthlinc

I have so many goals for what I hope to take from my adventure to Kenya. Some of these include: learning what I can from these women and their culture. In Kenya, the women are often the money makers and I hope to learn their outstanding work ethic. I also want to leave the woman of Kenya with knowledge that they can use forever to grow, to be independent, and to teach their children how to be self-reliant. I want to leave these women with more than just some fabric so they can make clothes, but also the knowledge that they can succeed and do great things with their lives. My main goal while I'm there is to become humbler and live life with a more positive outlook rather than a negative one. I’ve been told so many stories already of these amazing people and I can’t wait to get to know them for myself! My dream of going to Africa is coming true and I couldn't be more excited!

Another amazing part about Youthlinc is the local service aspect. Before I go to Kenya, I must complete 80 hours of local community service and 40 of those hours must be served at a main service site. Mine is with the Utah Council of the Blind and so far I’ve met some of the most amazing women! They don’t let their disability define or limit them in any way. The time I've been able to spend with these women so far has truly changed me for the better. :)


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I'm so excited for this opportunity and to share my experiences and stories with you!!! Let's go to Africa and change lives!