Employee Q&A: ShaRee


At Cents of Style we are all about story-telling and sharing. We love hearing about how you found Cents of Style and what products you love and how they speak to you. 

Along with hearing your stories, we want to share our stories with you! We want you to know who we are and what we stand for. Our mission is to empower women to lead bold and full lives, and that includes being empowered ourselves!

Every Thursday we will be featuring a Cents of Style employee so you can get to know her better. Have a question that didn't get answered? Leave it in the comments and we will tell you more.


20.jpgShaRee Allred

Job Title: Inventory/Branding Specialist

What is your Cents of Style story? How did you start working here, how long have you worked here?

I was one of the first employees for Cents of Style. Courtney started the business in Spring of 2007 and by Fall of 2007 she needed a little help so that's where I came in. I was helping her out but in return, she was also helping me. Nine years later, I'm still here and enjoying it.

Tell me what you like about working at Cents of Style?

I think it's the people I work with and the friendships I've made. I also like the opportunities/perks we are given. It's also nice to work for a company that is so generous and giving towards other people who need it.

What is your favorite Cents of Style VALUE and why?

My favorite VALUE is TRIBE. Tribe means to me that you are a part of something and that you belong. I think that all of us at Cents of Style feel that we are a part of something great and we all get along with each other which is very important in a tribe. We can count on each other for anything whether it's good or bad.

What is your very favorite thing that you have ever gotten from Cents of Style?

There are too many things to think of but lately I'm really liking our custom t-shirts. The two I have right now that I like are Be the Good and Be Kind. When I wear them, they are just good reminders to me of how I should act each and every day.

Tell me how COS empowers you?

COS empowers me because they make me feel like I want to try harder to be a better person not only at work but with my family and friends. I feel more confident in myself and my abilities that I can do things even if they are hard.

How do you think Cents of Style has changed your life?

COS has changed my life because it has given me the opportunity to go to a job that I enjoy but has also allowed me to do what I love most and that's being a mom. Also, with the every person has a story campaign, I've read the stories of so many great women and that has made me realize how many amazing people there are in the world and how we can each influence others to be better.

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