Employee Q&A: Elisa

At Cents of Style we are all about story-telling and sharing. We love hearing about how you found Cents of Style and what products you love and how they speak to you. 

Along with hearing your stories, we want to share our stories with you! We want you to know who we are and what we stand for. Our mission is to empower women to lead bold and full lives, and that includes being empowered ourselves!

Every Thursday we will be featuring a Cents of Style employee so you can get to know her better. Have a question that didn't get answered? Leave it in the comments and we will tell you more.


Elisa Gill

Job Title: Social Media Manager. I get to work with our influencers and find fun ways to talk about our awesome products on social media.

What do you do in your daily life that is different than before you worked at Cents of Style?

Before I started working at Cents of Style, the jobs I had were very much just jobs. I enjoyed aspects of each of them, but none of them really inspired me or had me jumping out of bed excited for the day. Cents of Style is so much more than a job for me. These women are my friends. The company values have become personal ones that I truly do want to emulate. I’ve become much more goal oriented and focused in my pursuits.

What is your favorite Cents of Style value and what does it mean to you?

My favorite Cents of Style value is Own It, because it’s probably the one I struggle with the most. It’s easy to accept the characteristics in ourselves we like, the ones we gladly show to the world. It’s not as easy to accept those that we see as weaknesses or flaws. It’s scary to make waves, to stand out from the crowd. But the truth is, we will never break ground if we stay hidden in the crowd. Learning to step up and “own” my work at Cents of Style, is helping me on a larger scale to better own my personal story and develop confidence in who I am.

What do the words BOLD & FULL mean to you?

To me, bold and full means choosing to be brave with my life and to go for it. I can choose to play it safe, or I can choose to be brave--to expand and grow and try new things. I don’t have to be pigeon holed into a single role or live a one-dimensional life.

How does Cents of Style help you lead a Bold & Full life?

The flexibility of this company and the support of the women in it, allows me to find time to include those other things I’m passionate about in my life. The monthly empowerment activities have introduced me to new opportunities and build stronger relationships with the women I work with.

What do you tell others about Cents of Style who have never heard about it?

When I talk with others about Cents of Style, I tell them that we believe when you look good, you feel good, and then you’re likely to go and do good. Working for a women’s fashion company is incredibly fun, but there are so many more facets to Cents of Style than simply clothing and accessories. Our core values and purpose truly are at the forefront of everything we do and it is unlike any other company I’ve ever worked for.

Tell me how COS empowers you?

Last year at a Cents of Style company meeting, Courtney made a comment that I think of almost daily. She said: “You would never tell a five-year-old their dreams were stupid, so why, as adults, do we suddenly believe our dreams aren’t just as valid?” Through the encouragement and support of this company, I’ve discovered new hobbies, gained greater self-respect, and overcome obstacles I once believed insurmountable. Cents of Style has given me the confidence to be exactly who I am and pursue those things closest to my heart.

What is your very favorite thing that you have ever gotten from Cents of Style?

My very favorite items that I’ve gotten from Cents of Style are my Tribe Bracelets. Many of the inspirational messages on these bracelets have become personal mantras for me and I love getting to tell a small piece of my story through the items I wear.


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