Employee Q&A: Angie

At Cents of Style we are all about story-telling and sharing. We love hearing about how you found Cents of Style and what products you love and how they speak to you. 

Along with hearing your stories, we want to share our stories with you! We want you to know who we are and what we stand for. Our mission is to empower women to lead bold and full lives, and that includes being empowered ourselves!

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Angie Van Leeuwen

Job Title: Deal Coordinator.

What do you do in your daily life that is different than before you worked at Cents of Style?

I feel that I am stronger.  I work harder to be kinder to others, empower others, and work harder as a team player.

Tell me what you like about working at Cents of Style?


What is your favorite Cents of Style VALUE and what does that VALUE mean to you?

TRIBE - because together we are more than one. You can't do it all.  I am my biggest critic and perfectionist.  Knowing other's have my back and I have their's is amazing.

What do the words BOLD & FULL mean to you?

Bold would be to speak without being afraid of what other's think.  Full to me means being all that I am - no looking back.

How does Cents of Style help you lead a Bold & Full life?

Everyday in my life I think what I can do today that is better than yesterday and not being afraid to live & do it.

Think about what the money that you earn here-- what does it help you do?

It's a nice incentive.  But working for me isn't about the money - never has been.  It's extra income for us.  The extra money from the income I bring in helps pay for my kids "extra things."  It's entertainment and vacation money.  I love working to be more than just a "stay at home mom."  Earning my degree over a decade ago - I was destined to be more than just a mom that stays home.  I have to work because I love working.  I love making a difference, feeling useful, and that I am important & needed.

What is your very favorite thing that you have ever gotten from Cents of Style?

"The Struggle is Real" trucker hat.  It is so true for me!

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