Employee Q&A: Alena

At Cents of Style we are all about story-telling and sharing. We love hearing about how you found Cents of Style and what products you love and how they speak to you. 

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16.jpgAlena Vandenhazel

Job Title: Product Photographer

What is your Cents Of Style story? How did you start working here? How long have you worked at Cents of Style?

I started back in Feb.2016. I saw a posting on Facebook from a girl I went to high school with, who also works at Cents of Style, and decided to check it out. Best decision I've made this year! Before I started working at COS I had graduated from college, was working oddball jobs and looking for a kickstart to my career. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to do just that as well as be part of something I believe in.

What do you do in your daily life that is different than before you worked at Cents of Style?

When I was a student my time was very structured & limited, working at COS allows for a lot more flexibility and the chance to be part of something bigger than yourself.

What is your favorite value and what does that value mean to you?

My favorite value is CREATE. While I admire all the values, and recognise their worth, I love the arts, I love working with my hands and using my mind to create new, exciting, and beautiful things. I take pride in my ability to do so. Create to me means the freedom of expression - using your abilities to add something or improve upon the overall picture.

How does Cents of Style help you lead a Bold & Full life?

COS helps me live a better life, by giving me the opportunity to pursue my ambition to be a professional photographer. I've been provided with many chances to learn new things, gain new insights & perspectives. I am constantly being challenged to do better and be better in my job and my life. The honesty, kindness and willingness to support each other found at COS makes the impossible seem attainable. Helping me on my way to a bold and full life.


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