Easy Halloween Costumes for Mom

Halloween is just around the corner! Hooray! It's one of my favorite holidays, especially with my kids. I love helping them pick a costume they will love and get them all dressed up when the big night finally comes. But I always forget about my own Halloween look. Now, I'm not going to walk around all day in a full-blown costume, but it would be nice to add a touch of spooky on the 31st of October. Follow along for a few fun and super easy ideas for Halloween for all your favorite mom friends. And then you can get these costumes started for a great price as part of Graphic T-Shirt Tuesday


091316-Web-Cents-Of-Style-Zombie-Graphic-T-Shirt-198.jpgStart with this fun Zombie Graphic T-Shirt. It's comfortable and says "Halloween" without screaming it in your face. Wear it with just your go-to jeans and some cute ankle boots.

Now, you can stop here if you'd like and you would be just Halloween-y enough. Or you could...

Girl-Zombie-Makeup.jpgPhoto Source

Add some super creepy, bloody makeup and really scare your kids!



A classic go-to Halloween character is easy to pull off with this Witch Graphic T-shirt. Add a pop of color with a cozy cardigan to keep warm while you are out trick-or-treating with your little ones. 

Again, this graphic tee is enough to bring the Halloween spirit. Or you could add a few accessories!

4111b3ee38b8f0009e645bfad44e6486.jpgPhoto Source

Add witch hat, some fun makeup (Hocus Pocus-inspired) and you are even witchier!



Another character, another fantastic graphic t-shirt, this time for your Mummy costume.

imageedit_3_3277834430.jpgPhoto Source

Add something as simple as a gauze head wrap over your top knot to complete this look.  

See? Halloween costumes can be easy! So give yourself a little bit of the spooky spirit when you take your kids out in their All Hallows Eve looks and snag a little extra candy for yourself! Go check out Graphic T-Shirt Tuesday for all of these great tees.

Happy Halloween and happy shopping