Easy Cat's Meow Costume Recipe

 It is finally October! And we all know what that means...Halloween is fast upon us!  If you are like me, the months seem to zoom by! That is why I am always in need of solutions that are FAST and EASY.  There are so many opportunities to show off your Halloween spirit all October long!  From school activities, pumpkin patch trips, Haunted House visits church parties, friend and family get-togethers, and of course Halloween night itself.  All of the above are excuses to wear something that celebrates the Halloween season and I am about to give you an easy Halloween costume recipe that will keep you feeling festive while still staying casual and not too over the top! Here are all the details!


Ingredient #1 Cat Themed Graphic T

How cute is this graphic T?  This is one that you will wear again and again all October long!  It can be easily added to your regular outfit rotation but it also doubles as the perfect ingredient for this Cat's Meow Costume Recipe.  You can grab yourself a Cat's Meow shirt to get you started!  And, for another option, this Cat Lady T will also do the trick!  


Cat's Meow Graphic T | Cat Lady Graphic T

PS! Both of these tees come in children's sizes as well! This easy Cat Costume Recipe would also make a sweet costume for your little one!


Kids Cat's Meow Graphic T  |  Kids Cat Lady Graphic T

Ingredient #2 Cat Ear Headband

A cat eared headband takes this graphic T from clothing to costume.  It is THAT simple!  A headband is a great option because it can go over ANY hairstyle which means you can pull this costume together in a rush.  You can go for something trendy like the dainty metallic cat ears pictured below, or something more traditional like a solid black pair.  You can also get a little wild with cheetah or leopard printed ears.  There are so many options for this critical ingredient!


Arie Headband

Ingredient #3 (Optional) Cat Makeup

This is totally optional and does take some time and planning but if you want to look even more dressed up and in character, cat makeup is the way to go.  You don't have to purchase anything new! You can definitely use your daily eyeliner and lipstick to pull off this cat makeup look.  Check out THIS video for a step by step tutorial on how to recreate the look. 


Deea Makeup

Ingredient #4 (Optional) Cat Accessories

Why not go all out with this one! Add in all of your funky cat accessories like these adorable cat earrings.  These are TOO cute and go perfectly well with the cat theme!


Milo Cat Stud Earrings


There you have it! The easiest Halloween costume that you will actually want to wear again and again this Halloween season!  It is absolutely prrrrrfect if I do say so myself!