DIY: Summer Memories Keepsakes

School is back in session for many this time of year. The weather will soon be changing, new friends are being made, and summer suns are setting. 
But don't let your blissful memories get left in the past--show them off now! Here are a few of our favorite DIY methods for keeping summer around a little bit longer.


1. Photo Cubes

How cute are these? I mean, really? And so easy to make! Just grab a wooden cube, some Mod Podge, and foam brushes at your local craft store, then print a few of your favorite pictures, and you've got what you need to get started. The Frugal Girls have you covered on the details. 


2. Insta-display

Angie over at Little Inspiration has this great, versatile display for showing off all your Instagram snaps! Plus, it's simple to do a little switch-o-change-o when you want to alternate your scenery. 



3. Memory in a Jar

This is probably the easiest DIY out of the bunch, and there are several different ways to change it up, too! Basically, cut your photo to size (if needed) and stick it in a jar. Voila! You can add vegetable oil and lavender for a more antique look; or place sand and seashells at the bottom with a beach photo; or you can also laminate your photo, place it inside the jar up-side down, then add olive oil and a few shakes of glitter to make your very own snow globe. (photo courtesy of


4. Photo Pillows

Because... Why not? If you've got wax paper, an ink jet printer, and some digital photos you need off of your hard drive--this is the DIY for you. The possibilities are endless! (photo courtesy of



5. Box of Memories

While I don't have a link to a tutorial for this one, it's pretty straight forward, and the result is awesome. What you need is a simple shadow box, and a bunch of stuff you hoarded over the summer to remember it by. You can use double sided tape to place your pictures, concert tickets, purchase receipts, etc. inside. Get fancy with scrapbook or contact paper, or even a map, for the background. You can even add flora, but please not the fauna. The most difficult part is finding the perfect spot to display it! (photo courtesy of


There you have it. Five totally do-able ways to get crafty, give souvenirs a purpose, and keep summer alive! Enjoy!



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