DIY: Nautical Summer Wreath

DIY: Nautical Summer Wreath



Do It Yourself projects can be scary when you know you could either nail it or fail it. But today we're definitely nailing this DIY nautical wreath for your summer front door decor! 


There are a lot of people out there who are masters at DIY'ing. I am not one of those people. I grew up under the wing of my very creative parents, but I'm just not very crafty. Whenever I try my hand at some project I saw a friend bragging about, or learned about in a video, or read about on a blog, well... Let's just say the finished product resembled "good intentions," and "better luck next time." Not to say that I've totally given up; which brings me to this post today. 

My family and I recently moved into a lake home. It's quaint, and cute, and totally needs someone more skilled than myself to keep it that way--ha! But I was browsing Holy Pinterest one evening when I came upon the most adorable version of a front door wreath that I had seen. There were a lot of other nautical-themed wreathes in the results, but this one just spoke to me and I had to have it for our new house. The only problem was that it was ridiculously priced and, therefore, completely unobtainable. Until opportunity and willpower light bulbs started lighting up inside my head. I'm going to make that wreath for a fraction of the cost!

I know. I'm crazy. But where there's a will, there's a way; and I found a way. So let's get to it!

First: The Goods

I kind of feel like there's this stigma surrounding dollar stores; like the idea of them just rub some people the wrong way. However, I've discovered that there are many things of value that can be purchased there when you're in a pinch (whether that be time, money, etc). So for this project, head to your nearest dollar store and pick up some supplies:

1 roll of jute/twine

1 roll of ribbon (your choice of color)

1 roll of burlap

1 adhesive Command hook

6-8 bunches of flowers (this depends on how full you'd like your bouquet)

     - mixing heights and sizes will also had visual appeal

Some things you may already have around the house that you'll need:

A stapler and staples

Tin snips

1 empty toilet paper tube

Tape (masking, painters', duct... take your pick)

You'll also need:

One ship's helm

I received this one as a gift from my mother. You can find yours possibly at a thrift store, craft store, or there are plenty of places online like Amazon. 

My wheel is about 12" in diameter and we have a standard size doorway.


Step 1:

Wrap jute around your ship's helm and tie off the ends. I used about 4' of jute per area.



Step 2:

With your tin snips, cut each stem at its base. I found the easiest way to do this is to first remove the sale tags, and then push the leaves up to meet the flowers. That way, everything is clear and easy to see. 

Step 3:

Lay out each kind of stem into piles in front of you. See? This is a piece of cake. You've got this one.


Step 4: 

Arrange your bouquet as you wish, and fasten with a few turns of tape.

I have to be straight with you guys here... This was the hardest part of the whole project. At least for me, because I wanted it to be perfect, but I had never successfully arranged flowers before... And still haven't because my husband made this bouquet for me. There, I confess! I'm sorry to have let you all down. But really, I was blown away at hubby's floral skills!


Step 5: 

Take your toilet paper tube and place the stems of your bouquet through it. Once you've figured out where the tube needs to be to completely cover the tape, go ahead and use your tin snips to cut the ends of the stems accordingly.


Step 6:

Staple burlap onto the toilet paper tube.

Okay, what you're going to do here is hold the tube upright, and vertically wrap the burlap around the tube to get an idea of how long it needs to be. Be sure to add an extra inch to both ends. Once measured, cut the burlap and fold one inch over and inside one end of the tube. Take the rest of the burlap and go around the tube vertically, covering the hole at the bottom, and staple the end to the other side of the top of the tube (if that doesn't make sense, let me know!). * I decided to pinch the bottom of my toilet paper tube to make it look more finished. 


Step 7: 

Criss-cross your ribbon around the tube, and tie the ends together at the back.

I wanted a bow on the front of my tube, but this is a lazy girl's guide to DIY. I made a bow separately after criss-crossing the ribbon, and stapled it on toward the top. I made the long strands of the bow extra long so that they'd blow in the wind outside. 

Step 8: 

Use some jute to tie your bouquet onto the ship's helm. You're almost done!

This step doesn't have to be fancy, because all the mess will only be seen from the back. Be sure to leave a few extra inches to make a loop for hanging.


Step 8:

With your tired fingers, fluff the leaves and flower petals to get ready for their big debut.

Step 9:

Follow the (easy) instructions on your Command hook's packaging to adhere it to your front door, and hang your wreath!

Step 10:

Admire your handy work! 

*Where applicable, don't forget to give your husband credit for arranging a killer floral bouquet by telling all your family and friends. 


You did it! Look how fabulous your front door is now, all thanks to you!