Different Ways To Style A Vest

Cost-per-wear: a huge factor to consider when making a clothing purchase. And if you are like me and look for the lowest cost-per-wear possible, vests are the way to go! These versatile pieces can be worn all year long and can add warmth, long lines, or texture to any look. If you are still unsure, keep reading for some new tips on how to incorporate different types of vests into your wardrobe. And then go over and get an amazing deal on your favorite style!

Wear A Fringed Vest Over Your Basics


I wear a lot of basic t-shirt and jeans looks. It's easy, stress-free, and comfortable. But sometimes I'm looking to spice up my basic look. So keep your basic ensemble but top it with a fun, bohemian fringed vest like the Afton Suede Fringe Vest

Add Some Texture to a Monochromatic Look

Do you love wearing all black like I do? There's really nothing better or more slimming that a dark, monochromatic look. But next time add some texture to that sleek look with the Bailey Faux Shearling Belted Vest

Team Up With A Dress

093016-Web-Cents-Of-Style-Noelle-Field-Vest-Ryker-Faux-Suede-Baseball-Cap-334.jpgA field vest like the Noelle seems too casual to combine with an ultra-feminine swing dress like this beautiful floral number, but the juxtaposition is perfect. The olive field vest dresses down this dress for the perfect every day, easy-going look. 

Look through all of our many vest options and find one that is the perfect fit for you. And then wear it in a fun, new way for the New Year! Make sure you use code VEST17 for 50% off all our many options. 

Happy New Year and happy shopping!