Courtney's Favorite Things & A BIG Birthday Giveaway


I am the 5th of 6 children in my family. I grew up with a brilliant attorney father and a creative, entrepreneurial mother. One of my favorite memories of my dad, who has been gone for over 15 years, was that on his birthday he would take US to the store and buy us a gift. We were the “gift” in his life. And in a busy, chaotic household it was his way of saying he saw us individually and loved us. On his birthday!

With the memory and example of my dad in my mind, I wanted to giveaway a whole bunch of my favorite things on my birthday.

I have the privilege to work every day with some of the smartest, most genuine and hard working women and companies. I wanted to highlight their product and companies since they really are my FAVORITE.

High Fitness-

Amber Zenith and Emily Nelson, the High Fitness Founders, have brought aerobics back in a fun and community-based way. If you have not been to a “High Fit” class, get yourself there. The workout is good, but the community and connections are better.

My Favorite Item-

The Day Tripper bag from High Fit has become my go-to for traveling. They created it to take to the gym or on a weekend getaway. With the nylon fabric and comfy straps, this bag has traveled with me from everywhere from the UK to Hawaii. It holds enough space for my laptop, kids snacks, my journal, and my current read. I love the sporty chic vibe, nearly as much as I love the women of High Fitness.

Teresa Collins Designs-

Teresa has been a mentor of mine for years. A woman who single-handedly built an empire of scrapbook, planning, and home decor products. Her modern, yet timeless, designs speak to me, but they are also seen in every store from Hobby Lobby to Target. Last year, Teresa came to me and suggested we partner and create an empowerment apparel line. Style Your LIfe. To work with such a powerhouse is exhilarating and humbling.

My Favorite Items-

Naturally, I am giving away our pre-released t-shirt line. Teresa’s designs and the Cents of Style favorite tee, a match made in empowerment heaven. Additionally, Teresa’s notebooks with my favorite sayings. Since journaling and writing gratitudes is a daily ritual for me, a good notebook is a must.

Lates By Kate-

Kate Call is the friend whose ease, kindness and humor will make you laugh on the hardest of days. She has created an infinity brand that is second to none with her fast-talking, open demeanor. Last year she launched her product division “Lates By Kate” where she has produced pajamas, sweatsuits and make-up remover clothes to make you feel good and laugh late into the night.

My Favorite Items-

I was one of the lucky few, seriously they sold out in minutes, to get my hands on a Lates By Kate sweatsuit. The attention to detail may be my favorite thing, with extra long cuffs and waistband to look good on a woman’s body...but I'm also obsessed with the fit. They aren’t so big that you feel like you are wearing men’s sweats, they are feminine and comfortable, what’s not to love?

A Slice of Style-

Jenica Parcell, through her blog, A Slice of Style, makes everyone feel like they matter, including me. Through her positive and honest sharing of her infertility story, her musings on motherhood, and her spot on style- she is the best friend you always wished you had...and I am lucky enough to call her one of my best friends.

Favorite Thing

Together, Jenica and I created a favorite v-neck t-shirt to support Bundled Blessings Fertility and give grants to families for adoption, fertility treatments, and surrogacy. In 2018, we were able to provide about $20,000 from the proceeds of the t-shirt to help couples create families. Not only does the Hope tee do GOOD, but it is genuinely my favorite t-shirt. If you are a casual girl like me, the Hope will be a staple you go to time and you are doing good, so there’s that too!

Cents of Style-

My bias for Cents of Style is pretty strong (winky face), but this company would not function without the incredible women behind it. The women who show up day after day as their best selves. Holding the vision of leading a bold and full life for themselves and for you. This is more than just a job, a company, even a career. This is a calling, and I am so grateful to get to lead this tribe.

Favorite Thing-

I wear Cents of Style every day. Picking a favorite item would be like picking a favorite child, impossible. I act as the chief buyer and designer at Cents of Style, and I buy every item with you, my Tribe in mind and me. Is this item easy? How does it make me feel? Can I put it on and forget about it? All Cents of Style items are curated to make us look, feel and do good, every day. So, take the $200 Gift Card and find those items that fit your “Cents of Style.”

My Birthday wish is for you to feel as loved as my dad made me feel on his birthday. I see you, and I am thankful you are a member of the Cents of Style Tribe.

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