Closet Staple: Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the meat and potatoes of this my wardrobe.  I cannot go an entire fall or winter season without purchasing at least one new coveted pair to add to my growing collection.  With so many different styles of ankle boots making an appearance this year, I thought I would give you a heads up on the styles you will see with some inspiration on how to wear each one. 

Suede Fringe


Photo Source |  Fringe Ankle Boot

Fringe is as on trend as ever this season. Adding a pair on to basic outfits adds just the right amount of flair.  


Oxford Booties 


Photo Source  |  Lace Up Oxford Ankle Boot

The Oxford style of bootie is just like your classic oxford shoe but with a higher heel.  For that reason, this style of bootie gives a retro vibe to any outfit while still keeping your style up to date.


Wedge Bootie


Photo Source  |  Wedge Ankle Boot

Wedge Booties get the award for the most comfortable bootie around.  The wedge makes walking comfortable but doesn't sacrifice heel height.  This style of bootie looks good with almost anything and can b e worn casually or dressed up. 


Lazer Cut Bootie


Photo Source  |  Cut Out Ankle Bootie

The Lazer Cut Bootie is the perfect transition bootie between summer and fall.  Because this style usually falls lower on the ankle, it usually pairs well with jeans and other pants.


Chelsea Boots


Photo Source  |  Chelsea Ankle Boots

The Chelsea Boot is probably the most classic and basic of all of the bootie styles.  This boot is simple in design and usually has a lower or flat heel.  Because of it's simplicity, this boot adds a casual feeling to any outfit.


Suede Ankle Boots


Photo Source  |  Faux Suede Ankle Boot

The suede ankle boot is a style that we see each year and we see this style staying for the long haul.  This basic style of boot is one of the most versatile styles.  It looks great when paired with other fall accessories like chunky sweaters, lightweight scarves, and felt hats.  

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