Closet Essential: Winter Gear!

If there is one thing that you know you will be needing this winter it's to stay warm! Hopefully by now you've cleared all of your summer clothes of out the closet and have made room for all things cozy.  Of course you'll need long pants, warm jackets, and soft sweaters; but what about everything else in between?  I've got you covered, literally!  Check out my picks for the winter gear you need in your closet that won't only be keeping you warm, but fashionable too!

Is there anything more annoying than having to take off your gloves everytime you want to snap a picture of your kids while you're enjoying the cool outdoors?  I am loving the modern addition that these gloves have on the fingertips to allow you to use your phone while still wearing them.  Be sure to check out the awesome color selection.

If you are wearing gloves then chances are you will be needing a hat too!  There are so many beanies to choose from, where to start?  Do you prefer solid?  Floral?  Leopard Print?  A pom pom top?  Beanies are perfect for keeping our ears warm, but in my situtation they save the day when I'm on day 3-4 on washing my hair!  I just usually do a side braid and throw the hat on and I'm ready to go!
cents of style beanie.jpg

Lets not forget about those toes.  One thing that runs through my head when I'm out in the snow carrying my baby is, "Don't slip, don't slip, don't slip".  I love being comfortable and warm in the snow but I don't want to have to sacrifice my whole outfit for big, unattractive snow boots.  These boots are comfy, warm, and still very cute.  Plus, you can fold them down to change up the look at bit.
black winter boots.jpgblack snow boots.jpg

 Don't be one who comprimises their sense of fashion just to stay warm this Winter.  You can be warm and fashionable at the same time!  These are my picks of winter gear to add to your closet!

Until next time,