Closet Essential: Those Comfy Sneakers

These sneakers are my go-to pair of shoes, that's it!  Everyone needs atleast one pair in their closet.  Here are some reasons why I love having them in mine!

Colorful Sneakers.jpg

I am normally a heel and wedge type of girl.  I like to feel taller because I'm barely 5'4".  But lets be honest, you can't always be in your favorite wedges when you are constantly walking around with your kids on your hip!  Plus, some days you just wanna be more casual.  Well here is the good news, your feet can still be comfortable without sacrificing style!

mauve sneakers casual.jpg mauve sneakers.jpg
I am loving these sneakers.  The mauve color has really become a neutral in my wardrobe.  I own a pair of black ones too, but I must say, these have been on repeat!  There are six colors available.

You can style sneakers however you want.  Sure, the tee shirt and jeans come to mind first.  You just can't go wrong being completely casual with this sort of shoe.  But what about when you want to mix it up a little bit?
tampson dress casual.jpg 
No biggie!  Just throw on your favorite tee shirt dress, tie your favorite plaid around your waist, and top it with a ball cap or trucker hat! 

rubber toe sneakers.png

 I suggest having atleast one pair of sneakers in your closet, especially since we will be transitioning into Spring soon.  Your feet will love you.

Until next time,