closet essential: the graphic tee

Hi all my fellow Cents of Style fans!  My name is Kami and I am a new mother.  Well, I shouldn't say 'new' because technically I have two other kids.  In August I had my third girl and I struggled a little bit afterwards deciding how to dress!  I feel like from the time I found out I was pregnant to the time I finally felt like dressing [in something other than my post-partum sweats] again, fashion had changed so much.  I wanted to feel comfortable and cute at the same time but deciding what to wear was difficult.

Shopping for new clothes was intimidating and overwhelming with all of the trendy options from pattern mixing to accessorizing.  I began following Cents of Style on Instagram and there were a lot of options that I felt like even a clueless mom like me could try.  I decided to start back into the fashion game slowly.  What I came to find is this: the graphic tee has become essential in my closet and I never knew how one item could be styled in so many different ways!

How can you go wrong with a tee?  

"I love the blanket scarf from Cents of Style.  When I can wear it around my neck or actually use it as a blanket, it takes the 'tee shirt and jeans' look up a notch by adding color and texture."


I recently got this "One Day at a Time" tee from Cents of Style and it could not be more perfect for me, as a mother of a new baby.  I keep reminding my tired and worn-out self, "just take it a day at a time"!  This tee was designed by the ever-so-sweet and talented Heidi Swapp, and her reason for desiging this tee will make you fall in love with it even more!  Each one of us can relate to this tee in different ways as we all struggle with something in our lives.

Besides the saying on the shirt, I love it for other reasons as well:

  • The Fit.  This tee is amazing; the fit is perfect for me.  I love the length and the V-neck isn't too low.  I absoulutely love that I don't need to wear a shirt underneath, I loath layering tees!
  • The Quality.  The Cents of Style tees are awesome!  They are made of quality material that doesn't stretch and it washes up nicely!  And there are so many different saying/graphics to choose from!  Which saying is your favorite?
  • The Options.  I am a mom and lets be honest, you can mostly find me in this shirt when it's paired with my favorite pair of jeans and sneakers.  But I love that there are so many options to wear this tee.  Dress is up, dress it down, add accessories, etc.

Here are my favorite ways to wear the graphic tee:


My favorite accessory to wear with this tee is what you see on my hip, little baby!

Get on board!

If you have not yet incorporated the graphic tee into your wardrobe you must try one out.  Let me tell you, as someone who is still learning how to dress after having a baby, this is a great essential item for anyone, mother or not.  Check out all of the wonderful graphic tees from Cents of Style and decide how you like to wear yours best.  You pretty much cannot go wrong however you decide!

I will be back on the Cents of Style blog soon.  Join me in my series as I decide what the next 'essential yet practical' item is that we all need to be adding to our closets!  Until then, happy shopping!


Kami from Sweet Charli
Instagram @sweetcharli