Closet Essential: The Bar Necklace

I have recently discovered two things about necklaces, (a) they are almost impossible to wear with a 6 month old always wanting to tug on them and (b) bar necklaces are everywhere!  Luckily even with my busy, grabby baby I can still wear these fashionable, yet simple necklaces.  Bar necklaces are great to wear by themselves or work perfectly layered with other simple necklaces.

I find that I feel a lot more put together when I accessorize, even on the days when I throw my hair in a top bun and wear my favorite graphic tee.  I sure do love my graphic tees, especially with a few of my favorite simple necklaces.  Let's talk about layering simple necklaces which include these bar necklaces that I am crazy about.  I have been wearing the following necklaces like crazy from Cents of Style:

Cents-Of-Style-052015-scarlette-necklace_600W02_ef55fa6f-0956-4ab6-af7a-4db1d39c13c7.jpgA thin bar necklace layered with a longer tassle necklace is great combination together and you can also wear them separately. Or mix and match them with other necklaces like a lettered bar necklace:


There are different ways that you can layer with bar necklaces.  The first way is what we talked about above.  A short bar necklace with a longer tassled necklace.  

Another way you can layer is with wearing three necklaces.  Here, they have layered a short necklace with a simple shape on it followed by the bar necklace.  An even longer, verticle bar necklace is placed under the horitzontal bar necklace. This combination offers variety in both shape and type (jewel, beads, metal).


Can you layer a bar necklace with a bar necklace?  Of course you can!


I don't think when layering bar necklaces you would ever need to layer more than three.  Here are some more of my favorites from Cents of Style:



Alright, so if I were to give you a basic formula to use while layering with a bar necklace here is what it would be:


Now do you see why I have made the bar necklace a part of my Closet Essential list?  There are so many ways to wear it and you can dress it up or dress it down.  Everyone needs a few of these necklaces.  Be sure to check out all of the bar necklaces that Cents of Style has to offer!

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