Closet Essential: That white pair of jeans

I'll be honest, I was scared.  I was scared to purchase my first pair of white skinny jeans.  Not because I knew after an outing of playing with my kids they would get dirty; but it's plain and simple: I was just scared of fitting into a tight pair of white jeans.
After my purchase I learned I was wrong.  These particular jeans were stretchy, comfy, and were the perfect fit.  Even so much that I decided that everyone needs a pair of white jeans in their closet.


My husband snapped this picture with his phone while we were on a date...he loves the jeans too!

The first time I wore these was when I was out with my husband -- they make a great date night outfit.  I decided to dress them up by adding pleather booties and a dressy necklace.  We went to our favorite sushi restaurant and when the waitress said they had a table for us where we would eating on the floor, I panicked!  "Eek! but I'm in my white, skinny jeans!" I thought.  At this point we were getting hangry so we took the table instead of waiting any longer.  It all worked out.  Sitting indian style on the floor while eating sushi was not big deal in my white skinny jeans.  They were stretchy enough that I wasn't uncomfortable and the waistline was high enough that I wasn't giving anyone a sneak peek of my backside.

Syling white skinny jeans is easy.  Think about it, everything goes with white!  Below I have grabbed things from my own closet to syle outfits from the following categories: casual, dressy/casual, and dressy.

styling_white_skinny_jeans.jpgCasual.  Distressed white skinny jeans/ graphic tee / bar necklace / canvas shoes /plaid

Dressy/Casual.  Distressed white skinny jeans / pocket tee / bar necklace / peace bracelet/ floral wedges

Dressy.  Distressed white skinny jeans / print top /  tassle necklace / nude heels


I give these distressed skinny jeans an A.  I am adding them to my list of closet essentials.  I have worn them many times since getting them and feel confident in them and find that many shirts match.  I love how you can dress them up or dress them down.  Don't be scared to try white jeans this season.  They make a big impact!  Will you be adding a pair of white jeans to your closet?

Spring is here!  Talk to you soon,