Closet Essential: Swing Dress

fall_fashion_swing_dress.jpgChances are, you have seen swing dresses all over this season.  Different colors, styles, lengths, necks, and sleeves.  Fall is all about the swing dress.  Why?  Lets chat about it for a bit.

The swing dress looks good on every body type, as long as you find the right one.  There are a few reasons I am absolutely in love with this particular swing dress:

  • Length.  It hits me at my knees and therefore does not look like it is drowning me.
  • Fit.  Another way that this dress strays away from "not drowning me" is because of the fit.  It's not too flowy, like some other swing dresses I've seen.  They didn't use 'too much fabric' when making this dress which makes it more flattering than the rest.
  • Sleeves.  I love the long sleeves.
  • Neck line.  This dress has the perfect neck line in my opinion.  It isn't too high, like a mock turtle neck; but isn't too low to show too much neck in the fall.
  • Styling variety.  You can style this dress so many ways.  Layer it by wearing a vest or your favorite jacket.  Throw your favorite scarf on.  Dress it up with a long necklace.  Pair with your fav ankle booties.  Tie a flannel shirt around you...the possibilities are endless!
  • Colors.  Eeek!  Have you seen how many colors this comes in?  Check them out.


So what are you waiting for?  If you have been looking for the perfect Fall item to add to your closet, look no further!  Snag the color you want before it's gone!

Until next time,