Closet essential: printed Poncho

Poncho or kimono?  Kimono or poncho?  Which do you own and why do you love it?  I happen to have never bought a poncho or kimono before but thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.  I tried the poncho first and pretty much fell in love with it at first try.

So what is the difference between a kimono and a poncho?  Kimonos open up down the front like a jacket where ponchos are warn as a big, giant shirt.  There is basically a hole for your head and two big holes for your arms.  I don't know why I haven't tried wearing a poncho before, these things are totally comfortable!  I love how flowy and lightweight they are.  Perfect for this time of year when it is super-hot.  
printed_kimono_full.jpgI mostly pair my poncho with my favorite pair of black leggings.  Since the top is so flowy, wearing something tighter on the bottom looks best.

How do you wear your poncho?  With leggings, your favorite skinny jeans, a pencil skirt?  How about as a swimming suit cover-up, have you ever thought of that?  Perfect, if you ask me.

When you're not wearing your lightweight poncho over you, why not try wearing it around you?  These can be doubled as a scarf if you wish!  Just roll it up and throw it around your neck.
poncho_turned_scarf.jpgOne thing is for sure; however you wear it you will be right on trend.  If you haven't tried either a poncho or a kimono, now is the time.  These transistion perfectly from summer into Fall.
printed_kimono.jpgCheck out Cents of Style and find the poncho that speaks to you!

Until next time,