Closet Essential: Plaid is Rad!

This isn't new information, we all know that plaid has been the raddest since Fall but have you incorporated it into your closet yet?  There is more than just one way to wear plaid; dress it up, dress it down, wear it in your accessories, etc.  I found a plaid item that I am more than excited about!


I will be honest, I was a little reluctant to jump on the plaid bandwagon at first.  It seems like something I used to wear in Junior High...oh wait, it WAS something I wore in Jr. High.  I am all over this trend now though.  I love the texture, pattern, and color(s) that plaid provides in my wardrobe.  This plaid button dress that I am wearing is from Cents of Style.  I love a number of things about this dress.  I love the fit, the skinny belt, and I really love how it has pockets!  This is a very comfortable and practical item for me, as a mom.


Cents of Style has some pretty Rad Plaid, and plenty of different items to fit your personal style and add some plaid to your closet.

Don't forget the perfect accessory to add to this outfit as well, the beloved tribe bracelet!

If you missed my first 'closet essential' post, check it out HERE.  Don't miss my next post as I talk about something you may want for the kiddos!  Until then...