Closet Essential: Patterned Wedges

floral_wedges.jpgIf there is one thing I know about shoes it is that they can take any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.  Shoes make a big statement and lucky for us, Summer is the most fun time to wear fun shoes.  I am IN LOVE (okay, that may be an understatement) with these floral wedges.  Wedges in general are my favorite style of shoe to wear, but these have all the elements I love.

Wedges are a great "in-between" shoe.  What I mean by that is you still get the height that you would from a high heel, but you also get comfort as you would in a flat shoe.  They can be paired casually with jeans or shorts; or dress them up with a skirt or dress.  



With these wedges you incorporate the floral trend to make those little toes of yours even cuter!  They come in black or white. 

It will be hard to pick just one pair of patterned wedges or sandals to wear this summer.  I am sure you will want to check out all the other cute ones that you can 'shoes' from!  Make sure you add a pair of patterned wedges to your closet this season.  Your feet will thank you!

Happy Trails,