Closet essential: lounge pants and 5 reasons why you need them.

Hey everyone!  It's me, Kami.  Wife, on-the-go mother of 3 girls, and still trying to get back into the fashion game after having my baby 8 months ago.  I have been sharing with you the past few months some of the fashion items I think are essential to have in your closet.  I am no expert, but only a practical mom who has figured out a few do's and don'ts of fashion.  Today I am adding something trendy and if you haven't tried it yet for yourself - then now is the time.  Have you jumped on the lounge pant bandwagon yet?

I am in love with the jogger pants trend and have been embracing it, especially since I'm still trying to work off my baby weight!  I love these diamond print lounge pants for so many reasons other than just that they're cute!

Here are 5 reasons why you should try this trend:

  • Comfort - Let's be honest, some days you just can't bring yourself to put on those tight skinny jeans.  
  • Cool - Light and airy and create lots of movement.
  • Dress up or down - Pair with your favorite pair of heels or strappy sandals.
  • Confidence - The loose fit eliminates the insecurities you might have when wearing tight clothing.
  • Any Season - Depending on what you pair them with, these pants can be worn year round!


As if you don't have enough reasons already to love these specific lounge pants, they have a zipper on the bottom of the pant leg to open up for more flare or zip up for a tighter bottom!  This also makes them longer if needed!

If you need a few tips on what to think about when getting these pants, I'll share a few that I have discovered:

  • Don't go too crazy.  I like to keep the pattern and color fairly simple.  If you do have a pattern on your lounge pants, don't get any with more than 2 colors, 3 colors tops.  Otherwise, you may look like MC Hammer!
  • Buy a size up.  I like to buy my lounge pants 1 size bigger.  The reason for this is because most of them seem to fit higher on the waist because of the pockets and I like them to fit lower so I fold the waistband over once.  This not only helps them to fit lower on your waist but also helps the pocket gaps to not stick out as much.
  • Don't sag.  These lounge pants are a little more baggy and are supposed to be but don't let the sag be in your bottom!  Make sure they fit you enough so that you don't have a whole lot of excess material in your bottom area; because we all know that's the last thing we want!  This is another reason why I like to roll my pants at the waist so that it eliminates the extra room in the behind.  Leave the sagging up to Justin Beiber (I'm so funny)!
  • Beware of the pairing.  Be mindful of what top you are pairing your lounge pants with.  Keep it shorter than longer.  If you have a top that's too long or too flowy then you may just look like you're wearing your PJ's.  If you do choose a looser fitting top then just make sure you tuck the front in so that you can see your waistline.  You will notice that makes a huge difference like you see here:

1.-jogger-pants-with-basic-tee.jpgimage source

Okay, so now that you have some details on how to wear those lounge pants you have been seeing everywhere, will you participate in this trend?  If you want to know more of the closet essentials I think you need in your closet, check them out:  white skinny jeans, canvas sneakers, graphic tee, bar necklace, plaid.

Until next time,