Closet Essential: Gladiator Lace-ups


It is officially sandal wearing season.  I hope your feet are sandal-ready; have you treated yourself to a pedicure?  Painted your toe nails?  Whether your feet are ready or not I know one thing, you're going to want a pair of lace-up gladiator shoes right now. They are the currently the hottest shoe!


Along with my gladiator lace-ups, you will find me in a comfortable dress.  This is how I roll in the hot weather.  I love how these sandals add a little pizazz to such a simple dress.

I absolutely love these specific gladiator sandals because the color is so versatile, you can wear them with nearly everything.  They also come in tan or black.  No need to worry about being uncomfortable in them, they fit so nicely.  I like to wrap the laces around my leg a few times before I tie them.  Speaking of tying them; you can tie them in the front or in the back to give them a few different looks!


Please add a pair of gladiator lace-up shoes to your closet.  You will wear them even more than you think.  There are so many varieties, you must check them out!

I really love sharing all of my favorite finds with you all.

Until next time,