Closet essential: Denim Skirt



Alright ladies, it's confession time.  Do you still have that denim skirt in your closet from high school?  If so, have no shame; here is why you may want to brush the dust off of it.  Denim skirts are back!  I am pretty excited about it because there are some things I love about denim skirts, especially the one I am wearing pictured above.

Chambray Skirt with Pockets

In the warmer weather I am all about wearing skirts and dresses.  They are cool, comfy, and you feel somewhat put together when wearing them.  Denim skirts come in all different varieties from the wash, color, style, length, etc.  All denim goes no matter how you choose to wear it.

Cents of Style Chambray Skirt

When I first saw this chambray flowy skirt I was so excited.  Not just your average denim skirt, this skirt makes a statement:

  • The Color.  It is dark and therefore gives a more 'dressy' denim look.  
  • The Length.  Here is where you can have fun with this skirt.  Because it has an elastic band waist, you can pull it up high on your waist for a shorter length or wear it down low on your hips for a longer length.
  • Material.  Chambray is so lightweight.  It is flowy, cool, and oh so very comfy!
  • Pockets.  Oh my goodness!  This may have been the ultimate factor in deciding that I wanted to get this skirt!  How cute are these oversized pockets?

    Chambray Skirt

Chambray Skirt Cents of Style
So how will you wear this chambray skirt?  With a lose-fitting top tucked in, a tighter tee?  However you wear it, you will definitely wear it well!

Flowy Chambray Skirt
Make sure to add a denim skirt to your closet this season because I am adding it to my list of closet essentials!

Until next time,