Closet Essential:

black ankle boots with tassle.jpgI've come to the conclusion that ankle boots go with everything.  It is a must that you have a pair in multiple colors whether they're black or brownmauve or taupe.  Why do I love them so much, you ask?  What's not to love?  Do you own at least 4 pairs of ankle boots?  I do.

However, if you are only going to own one pair of ankle boots then I suggest buying black.  Black goes with everything and is neutral to add other colors into your wardrobe.  These particular boots, the Amanda Rope boots, are a winner.

favorite fall outfit.jpgHere, I've styled them with a striped tee layered under my favorite open cardigan, with a choker and dressier leggings; perfect for a date night.  Here is a question: Do you wear socks with your ankle boots?  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.  On warmer days I will leave the socks at home.  I love how these have little holes to let a little air in so your feet don't get sweaty.  On cooler days I will wear low-cut (black) socks.  Just make sure they don't show!

amanda black ankle boots.jpgWear them with your favorite pair of moto jeans or normal jeans for a more casual look!

remi dress.jpgAnd of course, wear them with your dresses!  Remember, black can be both dressy or casual and these boots are magical because their design can be both dressy or casual as well!  One thing I forgot to mention is how incredibly comfortable these are!  Just slip them on and you'll feel almost as if you're wearing slippers, for real!

 If you don't have a pair of ankle boots in your closet yet, these are a good one to start with.  I promise you will wear them every day!

As always, I love sharing with you the items I feel are essential to having in your closet.  You can follow along on Instagram with me - @SweetCharli.

Until next time,