Happy 10th Birthday, Chase Courtney Brown.

Chase Courtney BrownIMG_1967

10 years ago today, this beautiful soul was born. I can remember in the years and months leading up to his birth, my overall disposition and feeling was one of urgency. I felt a resolution I have only had a few other times in my life. I knew a baby was coming and it was my job to find him. Through a series of miraculous events, we were matched with his incredible birth family and he was born in the space of 10 days.

And that was a decade ago.

 It use to bother me when mothers and grandmothers would say how fast the time flies and how quickly babies grow up, especially when I felt so tired and invisible in the midst of early motherhood. However, now I know those frustrating days of toddlers and interrupted sleep are just memories. And if you asked where the time has gone, I would say “too fast and beautifully by.”

Chase and I share so much in common. We share a name, Courtney; a connective string that ties him to me and to his family of birth. Also, like me, he isn’t big on physical affection, but still needs it from those he is closest too. My heart beams when he asks me to cuddle. He is, like me, highly sensitive. He FEELS so much and often puts up a wall of aloofness and quiet to protect his empathic heart. Chase lives a BOLD life every day, choosing to be his own kind of wonderful, living from his truest self in a way that I could only hope to be.

So, today, I honor this boy who is quickly turning into a young man. I honor his birth parents that we share in the privilege of parenthood together and I honor the world in which we live that allows families to form in a beautiful kaleidoscope of shape, color, and creed.


Happy Birthday, Chasers.